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You closed on your dream home…now what? Some buyers (especially first time home buyers) get overwhelmed decorating a new home after just moving in.

You went from a studio apartment in the city to a 3 bedroom home in a gated community. That switch up is major and that’s exactly what causes many buyers to feel anxious about “all the house” they have to decorate.

While everyone is different, we compiled a few points to guide you through decorating a new home! Call it your happy space in no time with these quick tips.


Make It Fun

Decorating a new home is a task, especially if you’re buying for the first time with minimal furniture. But hey, you purchased the home to call your own so it’s time to do just that.

The best way to push back on your overwhelm is to make the project of decorating fun!

Every single thing you do should be a fun task without making it a hardcore challenge to overcome. Whether it’s picking out paint swatches or buying furniture online from Overstock, jazz up your “to do” list and make it fun.

A few ways to make it fun:

  • Involve your family - ask for their insight on decisions of furniture, color swatches, etc.

  • Decorate during your free time - forcing yourself to decorate in between working hours can lead to you feeling rushed and like decorating is a task rather than a fun experience

  • Make the space feel fun - whether it’s lighting a candle to boost the energy or playing your favorite music in the background while you work, make the space feel fun before you start decorating.


Get Inspired

One of the things you should do before you START decorating a new home is develop a mood board or Pinterest board to inspire you.

Creating a visual representation of what you want your space to look like will save you time and money in the long run. This “board” can serve as your inspiration guideline for picking the perfect decor in your new home.

Pinterest is a great platform for this as you can create your own private board of ideas for your home and you can also see other pins to bring new, fresh ideas to mind.

If you’re decorating a new home anytime soon, here’s a few of our recommended Pinterest boards and accounts to check out:


Shop Around Locally

When in doubt, shop loca!. Taking trips to your local marts or planning out visiting local garage sales are a fantastic thing to do when decorating a new home.

While online is great, finding local finds is a great way to connect with your new community, support a local business and even get inspired by one-of-a-kind pieces you would’ve never otherwise found online.

Some good ways to discover local places to shop include:

  • Checking Instagram - search your local area in the discover area and find local marts/shops filled with unique decor

  • Research on Craigslist - while Craigslist is known as a space for nonbusinesses to sell, many local shops still advertise one-of-a-kind finds on here

  • Facebook Marketplace - much like Craigslist, you can find local vendors who are selling pieces below retail price in your area

Ready to Start Decorating A New Home, But Haven’t Found Your Dream Home Yet?

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