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Your home is your happy place, but you’ve realized it’s time to move on to a new space. In deciding to list your property, you realize there’s so much to be done to prepare to sell your home!

While the list can be lengthy, focusing on several key “to-do” items will help you ensure it’s smooth sailing. We’ve compiled our top list items to help you stay on track and get fully prepared to sell your home. Use these pointers to help you in making your home as good as sold once it hits the market.


Make Necessary Repairs

That hole in the kids’ room or that broken sink won’t cut it during showings. While everything can’t be fixed prior to listing your home, we urge you to repair the top items that can make or break a sale. Prepare to sell your home with ease by ensuring your needed repairs are taken care of.

Unsure if your repair should or shouldn’t be done? Check out this article that goes into further detail on must fixes.


Organize. Organize. Organize.

If you REALLY want to prepare to sell your home, organize and declutter your rooms within. When you live in home for so long, it becomes your peace, your sanctuary and sometimes your disorganized, cluttered space. While we don’t mean to always have clutter around sometimes we forget it’s there since we pass by it daily.

Taking the time to really organize and declutter your space will help you in the long run for selling your home. Less clutter and personal belongings means potential buyers have more ability to visualize their belongings in the space. So clear it out before you try to sell it.

For more assistance with decluttering your space, we recommend reviewing this article.


Clean Up Your Exterior

When preparing your home, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the exterior of the home is just as important as what’s inside. Keeping up to date on your landscaping and touching up on exterior paint can make a world of a difference! If you’re selling your home, potential buyers may drive by before actually scheduling a tour, so you want the exterior to ALWAYS show them your home is in tip top shape.


Always Be Inviting

Selling your home means welcoming people inside to take a look around. Having a few inviting touches long the way can make a world of difference. For example, a welcome mat at your front door to happily let people in is a perfect and inviting touch. Also, having a small dish of mints or candies when one walks in can make the buyer’s experience viewing your home that much better.

Selling Your Home In The Bay Area?

We highly recommend consulting with our team for even more tips to prepare to sell your home! Be sure to Contact Us today for more information.

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